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Fri 23 Jul 2021 @ 13:49

RT @writing4urlifeJoin me with Jessica Miller Kelley from Westminster John Knox Press at the Wild Goose Festival pre-festival New Wri…

To Be a Presbyterian, Revised Edition


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ISBN-13: 9780664503017
Number of Pages: 136
Published: 25/01/2010
Product description
In this lay-friendly introduction to what it means to be a Presbyterian, Louis B. Weeks explains the life, history, tradition, and beliefs of the Presbyterian Church. Offering more than providing a brief overview, Weeks ties his explanations to actual congregational situations. Each chapter begins with an anecdote and then examines the theme in the following pages. It is ideal for new-member classes and for those who seek a refresher course on Presbyterianism. Originally publishing this volume in 1983, Weeks has updated many of the original anecdotes and added material to reflect decades of change in the PC(USA).
Author Information

Louis B. Weeks

Louis B. Weeks is President Emeritus of Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, and is the author or editor of twelve books on Presbyterianism and mainstream Protestantism.

Product Reviews

"A great resource book for new member classes, officers training sessions, and adult and youth groups." Dr. Syngman Rhee, Moderator of the 212th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Director of the Asian Ministry and Study Center, and Visiting Professor of Intercultural Studies at Union Presbyterian School of Christian Education "Weeks begins each chapter with a real-life question arising out of the life of a congregation. He then offers a clear, accessible, and substantive Presbyterian response. The pastor and the professor meet most happily in these pages." Michael Lindvall, Pastor, Brick Presbyterian Church in New York City, and author of A Geography of God "A tremendous book. This new version is fresh and ready to help a new generation discover how Christ still comes alive through the Presbyterian Church in the twenty-first century." N. Graham Standish, Pastor, Calvin Presbyterian Church in Zelienople, Pennsylvania and author of Becoming a Blessed Church "Weeks does not veer from directly addressing topics ranging from predestination and piety to current controversial issues in church and society. Throughout, his use of congregational examples creates a sense of ease and familiarity for the reader. This is a great resource for new member classes and officer training--as well as a useful primer for church school classes." The Rev. Dr. Fairfax F. Fair, Pastor, Highland Presbyterian Church, Louisville, Kentucky

Customer Reviews

Fri 23 Jul 2021 @ 13:49

RT @writing4urlifeJoin me with Jessica Miller Kelley from Westminster John Knox Press at the Wild Goose Festival pre-festival New Wri…