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Wed 13 Nov 2019 @ 20:26

RT @Greg1Garrett@DavidCrumm wrote this terrific cover story on my recent books @ReadTheStory. @wjkbooks @ChurchPubInc @BaylorProud


The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians


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ISBN-13: 9780664263102
Published: 07/04/2018
Product description

In 2014, Time magazine announced that America had reached "the transgender tipping point," suggesting that transgender issues would become the next civil rights frontier. Years later, many people-even many LGBTQ allies-still lack understanding of gender identity and the transgender experience.

Into this void, Austen Hartke offers a biblically based, educational, and affirming resource to shed light and wisdom on this modern gender landscape. Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians provides access into an underrepresented and misunderstood community and will change the way readers think about transgender people, faith, and the future of Christianity.

By introducing transgender issues and language and providing stories of both biblical characters and real-life narratives from transgender Christians living today, Hartke helps readers visualize a more inclusive Christianity, equipping them with the confidence and tools to change both the church and the world.

Author Information

Austen Hartke

Austen Hartke is the creator of the YouTube series Transgender and Christian, which seeks to understand, interpret, and share parts of the Bible that relate to gender identity and the lives of transgender individuals. Hartke is a graduate of Luther Seminary's Master of Arts program in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Studies and winner of Luther's 2014 John Milton Prize in Old Testament Writing.

Customer Reviews

Wed 13 Nov 2019 @ 20:26

RT @Greg1Garrett@DavidCrumm wrote this terrific cover story on my recent books @ReadTheStory. @wjkbooks @ChurchPubInc @BaylorProud