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Thu 29 Jun 2017 @ 14:49

RT @NyashaJuniorPractical Theology for Black Churches: Bridging Black Theo & AfAm Folk Religion x Dale Andrews…

Introduction to Womanist Biblical Interpretation


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ISBN-13: 9780664259877
Published: 06/11/2015
Product description

An Introduction to Womanist Biblical Interpretation provides a much-needed introduction to womanist approaches to biblical interpretation. It argues that womanist biblical interpretation is not simply a byproduct of feminist biblical interpretation but part of a distinctive tradition of African American women's engagement with biblical texts.

While womanist biblical interpretation is relatively new in the development of academic biblical studies, African American women are not newcomers to biblical interpretation.

Written in an accessible style, this volume highlights the importance of both the Bible and race in the development of feminism and the emergence of womanism. It provides a history of feminist biblical interpretation and discusses the current state of womanist biblical interpretation as well as critical issues related to its development and future.

Although some African American women identify themselves as "womanists," the term, its usage, its features, and its connection to feminism remain widely misunderstood.

This excellent textbook is perfect for helping to introduce readers to the development and applications of womanist biblical interpretation.

Author Information

Nyasha Junior

Nyasha Junior is Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible at Temple University. She writes frequently for several websites and journals, including The Huffington Post, The Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, and Inside Higher Ed. Visit her website and blog at

Customer Reviews

Thu 29 Jun 2017 @ 14:49

RT @NyashaJuniorPractical Theology for Black Churches: Bridging Black Theo & AfAm Folk Religion x Dale Andrews…