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Mon 14 Jun 2021 @ 13:05

Finding some #MondayMotivation from Modern Kinship: A Queer Guide to Christian Marriage. This incredible resource f…


Christian Encounters with "Illegal" Immigration


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ISBN-13: 9780664236519
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 16/08/2010
Product description
Using a blend of travel narrative, interviews, theological insight, and biblical scholarship, Daniel tackles the controversial issues that surround undocumented migration in the United States by taking the reader to the spiritual, legal, and geographical front lines of the immigration debate. Here, the political becomes personal and talking points have a human face. The result of this journey is a compelling argument that encourages Christians to meet undocumented migrants as neighbors and as friends. Study questions are included.
Author Information

Ben Daniel

Ben Daniel is a Presbyterian minister in northern California. He has served on the board of Presbyterian Border Ministries and is a regular contributor to UPI's online religion and spirituality forum, as well as KQED FM, the largest NPR affiliate in the U.S. He is a graduate of Westmont College and Princeton Theological Seminary.

Product Reviews

"Daniel is successful in his purpose; he aims to not only to open the Christian readerA's mind to the plight of the immigrant, but also to open the readerA's heart to the immigrant herself. In a context in which immigrant issues are hotly debated on a macro level, it is refreshing to hear a voice that examines the historical and political conundrums of illegal immigration through the lens of human dignity and a practical love for others who are, in fact, our neighbors."--Gabriela Worrel, ForeWord Reviews, July/August 2010 "This is not the book for those seeking a dispassionate political analysis of the U.S. immigration system. A Presbyterian minister in San Jose, Calif., Daniel offers an unequivocal pastoral welcome to all immigrants, legal and illegal, rather than nuanced policy solution to the crisis. Mainline Protestant and Roman Catholic church members open to working with immigrants but seeking a more in-depth biblical and theological rationale for their outreach efforts will appreciate this slim volume. A clear writer with a flair for journalism, Daniel goes beyond the spiritual arguments calling Christians to welcome the stranger, and takes to the road--interviewing a California Democratic congresswoman and a U.S. district judge from New Mexico along the way. A fluent Spanish speaker who has been on the front lines of the immigration issue since he was a teen, Daniel is fully invested in helping Hispanics find a future of life, liberty, and happiness on both sides of the border. With the passage of a tough, anti-immigrant law in Arizona, this volume may strike a resonant note among people previously unmotivated to protest the issue."--Publishers Weekly, June 14, 2010

Customer Reviews

Mon 14 Jun 2021 @ 13:05

Finding some #MondayMotivation from Modern Kinship: A Queer Guide to Christian Marriage. This incredible resource f…