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Mon 14 Jun 2021 @ 13:05

Finding some #MondayMotivation from Modern Kinship: A Queer Guide to Christian Marriage. This incredible resource f…

Womanist Theological Ethics

A Reader

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ISBN-13: 9780664235376
Number of Pages: 312
Published: 27/10/2011
Product description
Writing across theological disciplines, nine African American women scholars reflect on what it means to live as responsible doers of justice. With some classic essays and some contributions published here for the first time, each chapter in this new volume in the Library of Theological Ethics series presents analytical strategies for understanding the story of womanist scholarship in the service of the black community.The Library of Theological Ethics series focuses on what it means to think theologically and ethically. It presents a selection of important and otherwise unavailable texts in easily accessible form. Volumes in this series will enable sustained dialogue with predecessors though reflection on classic works in the field.
Author Information

Katie Geneva Cannon, Emilie M. Townes, Angela D. Sims

Katie Geneva Cannon is Annie Scales Rogers Professor of Christian Ethics at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, and the author of Katie's Canon: Womanism and the Soul of the Black Community and Black Womanist Ethics Emilie M. Townes is Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Andrew W. Mellon Professor of African American Religion and Theology at Yale Divinity School. The author or editor of several publications, she is a former president of the American Academy of Religion. Angela D. Sims is Assistant Professor of Ethics and Black Church Studies at Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri, and the author of Ethical Complications of Lynching: Ida B. Wells's Interrogation of American Terror.

Product Reviews

"Including analyses of social theory, natural and moral evil, transnational contexts, black women's embodiment, legacies of lynching, African American sex and sexuality and more, this text demonstrates how scholarship confronts challenges of our era by participating in the important work of transgression and resistance." Rosetta Ross, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Spelman College "This rich collection of womanist theological ethics makes wonderfully creative use of Alice Walker's classic definition, taking the reader through historic and contemporary accounts of race as it intersects with gender and class." Mary McClintock Fulkerson, Professor of Theology, Duke University Divinity School "This reader on the womanist tradition in Christian ethics is a treasure of new and classic essays and a godsend for theological educators." Gary Dorrien, Professor of Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary, Columbia University "This collection raises important issues articulated by the leading womanist scholars in ethics and theology today. I recommend it." James H. Cone, Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology, Union Theological Seminary "In this book readers will find vivid discussions of the unspeakable cruelties that were inflicted on African American women as well as careful analyses of the constructive religious responses those women have made to their horrific experiences. Every scholar in religion should feel a moral obligation to learn about and respond to the many challenges that this perceptive book provides." Peter J. Paris, Professor Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary "This unique volume offers readers an opportunity to think through the felt and practiced nature and meaning of Christian womanist life and scholarship. We have waited a long time for such a book." Anthony Pinn, Professor of Humanities, Rice University

Customer Reviews

Mon 14 Jun 2021 @ 13:05

Finding some #MondayMotivation from Modern Kinship: A Queer Guide to Christian Marriage. This incredible resource f…