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Mon 14 Jun 2021 @ 13:05

Finding some #MondayMotivation from Modern Kinship: A Queer Guide to Christian Marriage. This incredible resource f…

Down and Dirty Guide to Theology


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ISBN-13: 9780664234058
Number of Pages: 184
Published: 11/07/2011
Product description

This brief, humorous introduction to theology by noted educator and author Don McKim will provide seminarians, college students, and general readers with a fun way to learn the basics. The book covers the key movements, thinkers, definitions, and questions of theology in a lighthearted way. Includes illustrations by Ron Hill.

Author Information

Donald K. McKim

Donald K. McKim is Executive Editor at Westminster John Knox Press and editor for These Days. He has taught theology at Memphis Theological Seminary, the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, and other institutions. He is the author of More Presbyterian Questions, More Presbyterian Answers and many other books.

Product Reviews

"McKim lays out a path to theological study that covers difficult issues and the methods and practices that inform them in a manner that is instructive to students, scholars, pastors, and laity alike. A highly recommended addition to the library of all who seek a theological primer that is tantalizing, insightful, and simultaneously engaging." Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Associate Professor of Doctrinal Theology, Moravian Theological Seminary "Whoever said studying theology is boring was simply wrong! This book by the 'American Theological Educator' helps the beginning theology student, whether in college or seminary, to be introduced to the wealth of necessary materials in a most witty and, dare I say, humorous way! Yet, this is a very 'serious' and highly useful primer. I will make sure my beginning students get a copy of this delightful work." Veli-Matti Karkkainen, Professor of Systematic Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary and Docent of Ecumenics, University of Helsinki "McKim breaks all the conventions of theological drudgery by offering us an invitation to theology that is remarkably crisp and clever. Written by one of today's leading experts, A 'Down and Dirty' Guide to Theology is warm and witty, often humorous, and always joyous. Looking for your first book in theology? Stop looking and start reading. Not just a roadmap--this little gem is a GPS for busy Christians who want to learn but don't know where to start." Ronald Cole-Turner, H. Parker Sharp Professor of Theology and Ethics, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Customer Reviews

Mon 14 Jun 2021 @ 13:05

Finding some #MondayMotivation from Modern Kinship: A Queer Guide to Christian Marriage. This incredible resource f…