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Fri 24 Sep 2021 @ 14:15

During stressful times, two new devotionals for Advent draw us closer to God.

Letters to a Young Doubter


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ISBN-13: 9780664229290
Number of Pages: 300
Published: 20/06/2005
Product description
In Letters to a Young Poet, the poet Rainer Maria Rilke advises to "be patient towards all that is unsolved in your heart and to try to love the questions themselves," for gradually, "you will live into the answers." These words have long struck renowned preacher and activist William Sloane Coffin as a wise way to view a growing and evolving life. Thus inspired, Coffin, former university chaplain at Yale, imagined a similar volume of letters.
Author Information

William Sloane Coffin

William Sloane Coffin served as chaplain of Yale University and Williams College, was senior minister of Riverside Church, and is President Emeritus of SANE/FREEZE: Campaign for Global Security. He became famous while at Yale in the 1960s for his opposition to the Vietnam War. He was jailed as a civil rights Freedom Rider, indicted by the U.S. government in the Benjamin Spock conspiracy trial, and has been immortalized as Rev. Sloan in the Doonesbury comic strip.

Product Reviews

"Humorous, eloquent, righteously indignant, and ruefully wise, this book is suffused with Coffin's special tone: a mix of high moral expectation and love of humanity in all its incompletions and imperfections. It's excellent that he, who inspired so many of the young in the Civil Rights Movement and related causes in the last century, should begin a new century with a new address to the young." - Richard H. Brodhead, President, Duke University "Not only a fiery preacher and a social prophet, Bill Coffin is also a wise observer of life, and as he has grown older his wisdom and counsel - like a fine wine - have become ever more valuable. These letters can and should be placed in the hands of anyone - young or old - who has ever entertained doubts. And that means all of us." - Harvey Cox, author of When Jesus Came to Harvard"

Customer Reviews

Fri 24 Sep 2021 @ 14:15

During stressful times, two new devotionals for Advent draw us closer to God.