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Fri 15 Oct 2021 @ 13:40

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Imagining Redemption


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Paperback / softback

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ISBN-13: 9780664228897
Published: 20/06/2005
Product description
David Kelsey offers a groundbreaking discussion of Christian redemption by exploring the story of a series of horrendous events that befell a young boy and his family. Sam, eight years old, was stricken with a puzzling virus that left him physically and psychologically damaged. His family suffered greatly, as well. In the face of these events, Kelsey asks, what can it possibly mean to say that in Jesus Christ, God "redeems" such situations and events?
Author Information

David H. Kelsey

David Kelsey is Luther A. Weigle Professor Emeritus of Theology at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut. Among his books are Imagining Redemption and To Understand God Truly: What's Theological about a Theological School?.

Product Reviews

"His students, colleagues, and readers have long recognized David Kelsey as the clearest theological mind of his generation. In this book he brings that wonderful clarity to bear on the doctrine of redemption. The result is both systematic theology and pastoral theology at its best." - William C. Placher, Wabash College, and the recipient of the American Academy of Religion's 2002 Award for Excellence in Teaching"

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