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Fri 20 Sep 2019 @ 13:18

RT @publishincolorAre you a #writerofcolor looking to get published? Publishing in Color Nashville is for you! Saturday October 19:…

Bridging Science and Religion

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ISBN-13: 9780334028932
Published: 01/11/2002
Product description

Many books on science and religion tend to be dominated by Christian positions. This book is unique for its timely comparative dimension, and brings Islamic, Jewish and Hindu contributions to the debate. The essays emerge from the very prestigious Centre for Theology and the Natural Sciences in Berkeley.

The book brings together a number of distinguished contributors from the sciences, comparative philosophy and religious studies to address some of the most important current themes in the interplay of science and religion.

The book is divided into three sections: part 1 establishes a method for the proposed dialogue between science and religion; part 2 lays down the scientific challenge to religion from the perspective of neuroscience, genetics, evolutionary theory and natural law; and part 3 offers a religious response to modern science from various interfaith perspectives.

An extensive bibliography points students towards further reading.

Author Information

Professor Ted Peters, Gaymon Bennett

Ted Peters is Program Director of the Science and Religion Course Program at CTNS, the Graduate Theological Union. Gaymon Bennett is Communication Co-ordinator for the Science and Religion Course Program at CTNS.

Product Reviews

"What is striking about [the] first six chapters is the clear and concise overview which each provides of the key issues in the topic it covers, including detailed comments on the various positions which have been developed. This makes these chapters a good resource for those who wish to 'come up to speed' in the exploration of issues of science and religion, either for the first time or as an update. That helps ro realise the editors'intention to produce a book which is 'a basic resource for use in classrooms...', making it suitable at appropriate academic levels (...), as an initial reader, a reference work and a refresher. In the UK for example, in addition to appealing to a thoughtful general readership, this book could be expected to be read by staff and students of appropriate courses at undergraduate and taught Masters'levels as well as by researchers, and would also be useful to teachers of sixth-formers and some of their students. The third section on 'constructing Religious Spans' contributes to filling in something of a gap in the literature on 'the global nature of dialogue' through offering contributions from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Moslem writers. These chapters will be a particularly helpful resource for those running general courses on science and religion. This book fulfils a distinctive role in the current literature; and I shall certainly want to reread sections of the material." Mike Poole, Visiting Research Fellow in Education in Science and Religion, Department of Educational and Professional Studiesm King's College London. SCIENCE AND CHRISTIAN BELIEF, vol 17, No.1


Customer Reviews

Fri 20 Sep 2019 @ 13:18

RT @publishincolorAre you a #writerofcolor looking to get published? Publishing in Color Nashville is for you! Saturday October 19:…